“There is a quiet revolution taking place in contemporary jewelry design, not just in Scandinavia, but all over the world. After centuries of tradition, jewelry designer has finally looked around him and recognized the creative potential in low cost, easily obtained materials…These materials are not only opening doors to new methods and new types of design, but their low cost has created a whole new market for handcrafted jewelry.”

 Donald J. Wilcox (1970)



Guy Vidal, “Biomorphic Happening”, c. 1966


It is this revolutionary aesthetic in mid century modern jewelry and design that has inspired us to establish Scandimania. Dedicated to exploring diverse aspects of design expressed through Scandinavian and North American innovative principles, we aim to challenge the viewers with complex forms as well as inform them of the history, theory and practices behind every object we research.


Coming to this project with a strong background in scholarly research, fine arts and mid-century modern design, curatorship, as well as extensive experience working in Canadian auction houses and cultural institutions, Scandimania is about fostering a higher level of appreciation of the aesthetic and the theory behind every piece we discover. Conducting primary research to add value to important objects, Scandimania is about the process of discovery and preservation of valuable cultural history. Second generation collectors with 20 years of experience, we pride on being selective in the pieces we choose to sell to our customers.


spaceYou can contact us via email at scandimania.modern@gmail.com



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