Art Smith, Chenet Mason and Pericles D’Haiti

We first started to notice Chenet Mason’s jewelry a few years ago when conducting research about the work of the legendary Art Smith – a jewelry maker whose better examples now command thousands of dollars.

Chenet’s pieces had a similar level of “frankness” in her jewelry which was beautifully crafted from copper, brass and pewter. Further research highlighted a very important link between Chenet and Art Smith, however, research is still lacking about the connection between Chenet and Pericles D’Haiti. Below is a set of two necklaces and earrings, side by side,  signed by Chenet and the other ones by Pericles – can you guess which is which?

image of two metal necklaces with disk pendants                                                  three pairs of disk earrings

Chenet D’Haiti and Pericles D’Haiti “Disk” necklaces           Chenet D’Haiti and Pericles D’Haiti “Disk” earrings


The following is an excerpt from an article by Marbeth Schon.

“Art Smith’s first experiences with jewelry did not happen at the Cooper Union, but when he took a part time job teaching crafts at the Children’s Aid Society in Harlem. In the same building, a young woman named Winifred Mason was teaching art classes.  Mason, who was making copper jewelry in her studio at home and selling it to friends, was interested in finding a partner and opening a shop.  Smith found this a great opportunity and worked with Winifred for four years in a shop at 133 West 3rd Street in Greenwich Village.”

Winifred Mason: Extraordinary Coppersmith by Marbeth Schon


“Voodoo” bracelet by Chenet D’Haiti

round disk necklace

“Disks” mixed metals necklace by Chenet D’Haiti

Some of the featured examples are now available at SCANDIMANIA.







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