Important Pal Kepenyes 6″ Lion Pendant

lion pendant        


“Restlessness in search of eternal motion reflected in his work,where time elapses, free, under tormented masterpieces if passed generations. Pal Kepenyes, disquiet, profound and etheral, conveys our imagination to fly off through time and generations into outer space sculpture. Motion through time and space is the main reason for his “alive sculpture.”Credit: Dr. Isaac Wislicki, “VIVOS” Permanent Exposition by the well known sculptor Pal Kepenyes, Aacapulco, exhibit invitation.


This vintage wearable sculpture is by Pal Kepenyes 6 inch lion pendant is captivating. Brass/bronze with stunning green and red murano yeyes gives this piece dimension.

The finest piece of jewelry executed by an internationally-acclaimed sculptor.


This Hungarian-born artist is best known for his work while living in Mexico. “His bronze statues, doors, and jewelry are displayed in museums, galleries, and private collections in France, London, Germany, Hungary, Mexico, Canada. In the U.S. his work is in many cities, including New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C.” (see article on Kepenyes on Bonnie Churchill’s website)

Though Kepenyes is Acapulco based, he was a contemporary of the Taxco masters and you can see some of the same iconography employed here as you do in works by Spratling, Mathilde de Poulat and others. (biography credit:


Signed Pal Kepenyes in circle stamp on verso

Pendant measures 6 inches – astounding!

Original bronze patina.















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