Jewelry of Anne Dick

imgage of a sterling silver necklace


Anne is a living legend of the American Craft Movement.

A native of Pt. Reyes, California, Ms. Dick began her 40 year career in the arts as a sculptor in bronze, turning to the design of bronze jewelry in the early 1960’s. Bronze is a combination of copper, tin and manganese. It does not corrode or decay and it never needs to be polished. Her work is very similar to more organic examples by Robert Larin and Guy Vidal. Beautiful weight and quality execution.

What we also found out is that she was the 3rd wife of the sci-fi author and writer of Blade Runner (under different original title) Philip K Dick!

Anne Dick is a fantastic writer in her own right.

Please see examples of works by this artist in our shop.

picture of a necklace         image of a bronze necklace arrange in a spiral composition       
















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