Another unexpected connection between Larin and the Italians

“During the aftermath of the war, when Pinton set up his studio, designers were looking forward rather than backward for inspiration. Many scrutinized developments in science and technology, as well as the abstraction that was informing much of the contemporary fine arts. Yet Pinton opted for a reversal of this international trend and looked afresh at antiquity. During the 1950s he produced mainly figurative work, with finely drawn low reliefs of human and animal forms based on his interpretation of Egyptian and Etruscan imagery.”

1996, Ralph Turner

The Mario Pinton brooch, pendant and hat pin (photo on your left) were produced 1959-60 in gold.


The following signed gold plated Robert Larin pendant was sold on Etsy not too long ago.


The plot thickens!

Not only did Robert Larin borrow inspiration from the Pomodoro Brothers, he experimented with imagery seen in Mario Pinton’s work as well. It is very clear that Larin paid homage to the Italian jewelry designs of the 1950s and 1960s, ultimately developing a unique style and language of his own, making his work quite collectible in today’s market.













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