Pomodoro Brothers as inspiration for Larin?


Image     Image

1. Necklace by Robert Larin, signed (sold)

2. Panel bracelet by Robert Larin, signed (from private collection)


“Italian jewelry during the 1960’s had reached standards that could be compared with any country in the world. The Pomodoro brothers were at the height of their inventiveness. Arnaldo Pomadoro had already created pieces that were less obsessed with texture and, by the mid-sixties his interest in engineering construction led to a more mathematical approach to the subject” (1970s, Ralph Turner)

When recently reviewing the above publication, we stumbled on the below image of a necklace and a bracelet produced by the infamous Pomodoro Brothers (Gio and Arnaldo) in gold, c. 1960. (photo on your left)


The striking resemblance to the above works by Robert Larin is remarkable!











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