Barbarella’s Good Luck Charm


Image        Image

Rare Pentti Peuri Modernist Bronze necklace, 1970s. Available at Scandimania.


“The Fins…are supposed to be in special communion with nature, receiving their artistic inspiration via waves from birch trees, snow, and the like. Inspiration is the result of a conglomeration of circumstances and events, very few of which are unique in national origin and very few of which can be pinpointed. Nature notwithstanding, the trend is toward abstraction in jewelry design these days.”

1970, Donald J. Willcox

Drawing upon the style of the era, this Pentti Peuri’s necklace looks exactly like something that Jane Fonda would have worn in “Barbarella.” It perfectly embodies the Space-Age aesthetic that was prevalent in the late 1960s – early 1970s.











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